Why Change The Format?

The best part of this event is the format. With our format we create an opportunity for maximum exposure by offering more reps than other camps. If you are part of the second sessions (OL/DL - K/P/LS), this does not change anything for you.

We were contacted by numerous collegiate coaches, many who were in attendance last year, asking for a change in the third session. They felt as though with increased numbers the third session may be a bit crowded, and we agreed. Originally we had all underclass skill position players set to take part on one field. What they requested was to be able to separate those positions more than last year, so this is what we came up with...

Session one will now feature ONLY RB/TE/LB from ALL classes. Session two doesn't change, as it is designed for lineman and specialists. Session three will now be for ONLY QB/WR/DB from ALL classes.

Graduating seniors (2016) and Junior College athletes will be given a shirt of a different color so the college coaches will be able to easily differentiate between the upper and under classmen. College coaches will also be given a roster with athlete information for each session.

The smallest session last year was the session for just graduating seniors. So by combining classes and separating by positions, it will make it more competitive for the graduating seniors, while lowering the amount of athletes on the field during the third session. All of this will result in college coaches getting eyes on more athletes than before. 

If you have already signed up for the NW Stars Camp and are affected by these changes, Ryland Spencer will be in contact with you through the email you provided to offer solutions.