What we can do to help you get to College


You as a PSA (Prospective Student Athlete) have to take charge of what you do in every aspect of your life if you want to make it.  Along with your parents and teachers and your High School Coaches and mentors you need to build a team.  Getting to college requires grades first.  You take care of that or go nowhere.  Period.

As far as Football that's on you and your team too.  But we are here to help.  The Media groups at Northwest Prep Report and Northwest Elite Index along with staffs from Rivals, Scout, 247Sports, and others will be at the NW Stars Camp to cover you and your fellow athletes.  We will do our best to help you.

Getting to Camp is not required but we hope these terrific College Coaches coming to evaluate kids will make it worth while.  Have Fun with football and work hard in school and the rest will sort itself out!

Hope we see you at camp!


Guys Like Thomas

We have watched athletes like this guy make it from local high schools to the likes of Oregon.  Not everyone runs a 10.35 100 Meter but we are here to help everyone have a shot.

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Camp Coverage

One of the ways top athletes get covered is at top media sites like Rivals.com.  Joining the NW Stars Camp will be Dirk Knudsen of NWPR and he writes for Rivals as well. Look for Scout, 247Sports, NEI, and NWPR to be at camp.

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